Thursday, June 9, 2022

Haunt of Southern-Fried Fear by Ronald Kelly

Many years ago, Ronald Kelly established himself as a horror author to be reckoned with, and with Haunt of Southern-Fried Fear, he’s put together a collection of some of his most fun stories. Most of these tales will offer a few laughs — but these are uneasy laughs. Chuckle while you squirm. In his time, Kelly has written many far more “serious” tales, but few that induce that lovely little adrenaline rush that accompanies so many scenes of victims meeting their ghastly fates (some of whom deserve what they get; others, not so much).

Kelly's somewhat crude little illustrations, which accompany the stories, add a lovely nostalgic, EC Comics flavor that is rings very true to those of us who grew up on those old gory horror pubs. Southern-fried fear indeed!

Check out at Haunt of Southern-Fried Fear at here

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