Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Mail Carrier Was Very Considerate Today...

...and left a bunch of good stuff. Received an anticipated royalty check without having to nudge the publisher even a single time, which is both rare and rightly appreciated. My contributor copy of Shroud issue #1 showed up, which looks damn good; I'll look forward to delving into the contents. And several copies of Blue Devil Island, which Five Star has released as a large-print paperback, also arrived. So it was a good mail day.

Thanks, nice mail delivery lady!


David Niall Wilson said...

It's an odd habit of magazines (And I think Cemetery Dance sort of started it) to put in GREAT BIG LETTERS the name of someone they think will sell the magazine, even though it's just an interview, while playing down the people who actually WROTE something. Weird Tales used to do that...they'd put RAY BRADBURY in huge print, and then it would be a reprinted poem...ugh.

Cool looking magazine though...and a good mail day indeed. Hadn't heard about the large printy edition.


Erik said...

Amazing looking cover. Looks like a great new entry into the field. Definitely going to have to pick this one up.