Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UDDER GODS now up for pre-order

Moooo yeah!

Ready for pre-order, my upcoming collection of very scowy tales from Dark Regions.

Ye olde book description:
"Spanning a career of over 20 years, the 16 tales in Stephen Mark Rainey's Other Gods depict an alluring yet macabre world, rendered by one of the horror genre's most vivid imaginations. With settings ranging from the remote backwoods of Virginia to the urban wilderness of Chicago, the veneer of Rainey's world appears familiar, even comforting; yet, beneath its surface, ancient, malignant powers lurk, ready to spring forth and destroy any who discover them—whether intentionally or inadvertently. Laced with humor and recounted by a captivating voice, the tales in Other Gods wait for you with open arms—but beware, for they are also laden with darkness. And in that darkness, danger waits."

What one scary writer says:
"Stephen Mark Rainey is a master at grounding horror and terror in a time and place. His stories are effective because he understands character, as well as the motivations of both his people and his monsters. And, in a field often tinged with cynicism, Rainey shows us that monsters can also be fun. One of our best contemporary storytellers."

—Scott Nicholson, author of They Hunger

Available in three editions:

  • Lettered hardcover, signed by author and cover artist Wayne Miller ($150.00)
  • Limited edition signed hardcover ($45.00)
  • Trade paperback ($19.95)

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More info on the book at my Web site:

P.S. There aren't really any cows in this book. Sorry.

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D's Books said...

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that I pre-ordered a copy of "UDDER GODS" and I fully expect there to be some Elder God bovines with the pages. :-)

Seriously, I've hung out with Mark on several occasions. He's a great guy. So make sure you get this new book.