Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sometimes Geocaching Yields Unexpected Fruits

Today, on my way back to Greensboro from Virginia, I stopped off at a few geocaches, and—lo and behold—out from one of them popped one of the worst movies since Plan 9 From Outer Space. Needless to say, this gave me a rare thrill of ecstasy.

I saw Santy Claus at the theater when I was four or five years old. I have vague recollections of a big snowfall and being certain that there were Martians lurking in the snow-covered woods. (There probably were, you know.)

Something tells me that, this Christmas season, the Martians will be coming back.

Tom Piccirilli, eat your heart out.

Otherwise, it was a very fine weekend, mostly hanging out with my friends, the Albaneses; eating way too much food; and hollering, "I gotta have more cowbell!" just because it seemed the thing to do at the time. Today, I think I pretty much worked off the extra goodies, by going after a few caches that took some significant put it mildly.

Oh my aching body.


Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

Some people have all the luck. If I geocached...I'd find one, and lo and behold...out would come a packet of anthrax

Stephen Mark Rainey said...

You would get all the best stuff, now wouldn't you. :o