Monday, January 17, 2011

THE GAKI (Hardcover Editions) Now Available for Pre-Order

The signed & limited hardback editions of The Gaki & Other Hungry Spirits are now available for pre-order from Dark Regions. Estimated date of delivery is January 31; the trade paperback edition will follow shortly thereafter.

Contents are as follows:
  • "The Gaki," 2005; originally published in Cemetery Dance magazine, 2005
  • "Ghost Lens," 2006; originally published in Horrors Beyond, Elder Signs Press, 2007
  • "Terror From Middle Island" (with Durant Haire), 2002; originally published Frontier Cthulhu: Ancient Horrors in the New World, Chaosium, 2007
  • "Black Tom," 2008; originally published in Northern Haunts, Shroud Publications, 2009
  • "Iron Heart," 2008
  • "The Forgiven," 1988; originally published in Robert Bloch's Psychos, 1997; Legends of the Night, Wildside Press, 2001
  • "Festival of the Jackal, Off Broadway," 1987; originally published in Grue magazine; Fugue Devil & Other Weird Horrors, Macabre Inc., 1994
  • "A Tale of the Terrible Dead," 2005; originally published in Doorways magazine, 2007
  • "Abroyel," 2007
  • "Megan," 2008; originally published in Darker Discoveries, Dark Discoveries magazine, 2008
  • "Demon Jar," 2007; originally published at, 2008
  • "The Spiders of Galley Cove," 1993
  • "Free Sample," 1997; originally published in The Conspiracy Files, Pocket Books, 1998
  • "This Old House," 2008
  • "Sarcophagus," 2007
  • "Field Dressing," 1995
  • "Misfits," 1989; originally published in Midnight Zoo magazine, 1991; Quick Chills, Scream Factory Books, 1992; The Last Trumpet, Wildside Press, 2000

The signed/limited hardcover is $40; the signed, leather-bound deluxe edition with slipcase is $99 (only 13 of these are available). I believe the trade paperback will be $19.99. Cover art is by the right beastly M. Wayne Miller. For more info, and to order, click here.

This book is a pretty thorough cross-section of my short fiction from the past 20 years; six of the tales are relatively new and never-before-published. Whichever edition may appeal to you most, I think I can guarantee you'll get your money's worth. Give it a try. Note: Other Gods, my earlier short fiction collection, is also available at Dark Regions, also with cover art by M. Wayne Miller. For more info on it, click here.

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