Monday, January 10, 2011

Stone-Cold Stunner

Yes, that's my It's-bloody-cold-out-here-but-I'm-having-fun face. Temps were in the mid 20s yesterday, but it was otherwise not nasty, so I resolved to hit the trail and hunt a few caches. Went out to Cedarock, just south of Burlington, and put in a good couple of miles. It was a fine day of hiking, and I really enjoyed myself, but I did witness an accident that could have been a lot worse than it apparently was. I had found a cache, signed the log, and re-hidden it, and I was just getting back on the trail when a couple of horses and riders came around a curve ahead. It was on a steep hill, and I don't know whether the horse didn't expect someone else to be on the trail or what, but that thing bolted and threw the young woman on its back down hard. The horse ran off in a panic, but the other rider hauled ass after it and apparently caught it before it got too far away. The young woman assured me she was all right, though obviously dizzy and in pain. Still, she appeared to shake it off and not long afterward was able to get going again.

Hope all was okay. That ground was frozen mighty hard. Anyhoo, snagged seven caches in the bargain, and rescued a bag of caching supplies for a fellow cacher who had apparently lost it. At least one good deed done....

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