Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bigfoot's Library

Despite the heat and unruly hordes of bloodsucking critters, it was necessary to hide a new trail cache. Thus, there is a new one, which has just gone live, out on what I call The Bigfoot Trail—a well-maintained but "unofficial" trail on Greensboro watershed land, a little ways north of town (see The Great Blue Heron Nursery for a bit more description). Each time I've been out there—four times in four days—I've heard something very big and very heavy splashing through the marsh, and I've come to the conclusion that it can only be Bigfoot. Thus, I hereby proclaim this trail the Bigfoot Trail, and that is my proclamation. Since cryptozoological horrors tend to enjoy scary literature (so I'm told), I've placed in a mysterious, dark hiding place a Bigfoot-sized ammo can full of scary books, including a couple that feature horror stories by ye old dude. Mind you, Bigfoot's Library is for premium geocaching members only, but if you're a devoted cacher, this sucker has your name on it: (GC2XMG1)

Be aware, the ticks are out in full force. I waded through one small patch of tall grass and ended up with three deer ticks embedded in my leg. The most insulting thing is that they laugh at all varieties of insect repellent; near as I can tell, you have to set yourself on fire to get them to shy away from you, and even then, it's hardly a sure thing.

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