Saturday, June 25, 2011

We All Scream

Spillway on the Dan River, viewed from the Riverwalk Trail.

It was up and out early, bound for Danville, for a bunch of new caches and a gathering of cachers at the Corner Cafe in Ringgold, VA. Ice cream and good company aplenty, plus first-to-find on a couple of new hides. As is pretty much the norm, while out on the trail, I encountered Lynn and Norm, a.k.a. Spring1, who took me in like a stray dog, and we conquered a few caches together.

Afterward, I snagged Ms. B. and headed out to Mahi's Seafood Restaurant in Greensboro for a superb dinner. It's been there in an all-but-hidden little corner of Lawndale Ave. for many years, even since I lived in that neighborhood back in the late 80s/early 90s. It's a little pricey (we poor 'uns had a coupon), very cozy, with excellent service and ambiance. I had oyster & shrimp creole, which was perfectly spicy (probably too spicy for those who don't enjoy fire as much as I do); Ms. B. ordered baked Tilapia Parmesan, which clearly treated her right as well. We ended the evening getting together with our good friends, the Albaneses, at their place to sample a few decent wines. Since we've caught a break from the oppressive heat these past few evenings, we decided to hang out at the nearby, ever-so-lovely gazebo on Lake Jeannette, only to spend most of our time cowering from the world's second biggest spider (the biggest lives in Burlington), which made it its business to perch above our heads, adopting a menacing fighting stance.

At least it never pounced on us. That would have been bad. Bad, I tell you.

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