Friday, June 24, 2011

No Dead Baby Jokes, Please

I found it just off the Palmetto Trail, near Lake Brandt, in north Greensboro. An old geocache had been archived, thus opening that area up for a new cache, so I decided to head out there and hide a new one. While I was scouting the area, I saw something peeking out from a dark hollow, and upon closer inspection, I determined that, yes, it was in fact a dead baby. Well, a dead, disembodied, plastic, eyeless, mindless baby head, at any rate. On first glance, it gave me a wonderful little case of the creeps. Little dude makes a cool cache guardian, as he's stationed only a short distance from the hide. Geocachers, you need not look inside the head for the logbook, as you'll find only an empty brain pan. The cache isn't published yet at, but when it's up, you'll find it under the moniker, "No Dead Baby Jokes, Please" (GC2YVWF).

"Cursed is the ground where dead thoughts live new and oddly bodied, and evil is the mind that is held by no head."
—Abdul Al-Hazred, The Necronomicon



Allison said...

Only you would find a creepy dead baby toy.

Mark Rainey said...

We are all better for this.