Sunday, March 18, 2012

Geonutz and Signals of Cosmic Chaos

What is that behind ol' Rodan? Contraption? Thingamabob? Doohickey? You decide.

Spent yesterday caching the back and not-so-back roads of Caswell County, NC, and Pittsylvania County, VA, with Tom "Night-hawk" Kidd, Michelle "AkitaResQ" Wild, and Bridget "Suntigres" Langley. We decided we needed a team name for signing the cache logs, so we pooled our respective geocaching handles (including "D" for "Damned Rodan") to come up with Team NADS. Night-hawk had already claimed some of the caches we found, so on those, the remaining three of us signed as Team SAD. Apt, wot?

For the better part of the day, we scoured Angler's Park in Danville for a couple of exceptionally well-done series of caches, "Cosmic Chaos" (GC3C644) and "Free Signal" (GC3C647). These required hiking several miles of terrain described by my friend Ed Kuykendall as "a miniature version of West Virginia," which pretty much says it all. The cache hider—a mysterious and certainly twisted genius known only as "All of Dem"—created some unique and challenging hide methods, particularly for "Cosmic Chaos." Given that we had mid-summer heat in mid-March, I'm pretty sure I sweated off at least some of the tonnage I gained over the winter.

We finished up with an enjoyable bunch of little park-and-grab hides called "GeoNutz," hidden by one of the most twisted geniuses of all, the nefarious "Klaussinator." No green beer for me on St. Patty's Day, but the olives in my post-caching martini were green. That counts, right?

Half of Team NADS...or two-thirds of Team SAD.

Did I hear a chainsaw? I think I glimpsed Leatherface as we were exiting ground zero.

AkitaResQ, risking a smushing beneath a precarious old tobacco barn.

One frog, three attitudes. At "Free Signal" (GC3C647)

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