Friday, March 30, 2012

New Cthulhu, Coming Right at You

The esteemed and inestimable Robert M. Price, editor, has announced the contents of two new Cthulhu-mythos anthologies that feature tales by ye old dude. Both are scheduled to be released later this year.

The Secrets of Cthulhu (from Fedogan & Bremer)
Don Webb, “The Healing Power of Snow”
Ann K. Schwader, “The Death Verses of Yian-Ho”
Ernest J. Fischer, “The Event at Gangew Taundon”
Joseph S. Pulver, “The Corpse-Eating Cult of Leng”
Stephen Mark Rainey, “Warlords of Leng”
William Patrick Murray, “God General Nakji”
Michael Fantina, “Leviathan”
Pierre Comtois, “Masks of the Puppet Lord”
Ben P. Indick, “The Monster in the Lake”
Leigh Blackmore, “The Return of Zoth-Ommog”
Lin Carter & Laurence J. Cornford, “The Doom of Enos Harker”
Richard A. Lupoff, “Steps Leading Downward”

Over the Mountains of Madness (from Dark Quest)
Robert M. Price, Introduction
Glynn Owen Barrass, “The City at the Two Magnetic Poles”
Joseph S. Pulver, “The Second Wave of Fear”
Pierre Comtois, “Second Death”
Peter Rawlik, “Beneath the Mountains of Madness”
Ken Asamatsu, “The Continent of Madness”
Laurence J. Cornford, “Gedney”
C J Henderson, “The Pleasure in Madness”
Brian M. Sammons, “A Biting Cold”
Cody Goodfellow, “Garden of the Gods”
Stephen Mark Rainey, “The Danforth Project”
Edward Morris, “Tekeli-li!”
William Patrick Murray, “Static”

Also, the April issue of Lovecraft eZine will feature my story, "Ecstasy of the Gold." Official announcement here.

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