Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fairy Stones, Fairy Trees, and Fried Chicken

There's not a geocache up in that tree, but I think there oughta be. I half-suspect it's full of fairies, though....

It's been a good while since I visited Mum in Martinsville, so I got up bright and early and hit the road. First order of business: hit Fairy Stone Park, in Patrick County, and go after the one cache in the area I haven't yet claimed (except for a couple on islands in Philpott Lake that require boats to reach). Soon as I arrived at the park, I grabbed GPS and hiking pole and started for the trail... only to hear a very mean man growling at me that no geocaching is allowed at Fairy Stone. But I know better, and that voice belongs to none other than Tim "Medicine Turtle" Collins, who is at the park involved in a Boy Scout outing for Earth Day weekend. We traded caching stories for a while, and then it was off on the hunt. The cache itself was rather a quickie, but I passed the tree you see pictured, and all kinds of evil caching ideas began going through my head. Caches in Virginia State Parks require special permits, though, so that ever-so-tempting hole in the tree—about 30 feet up—is not a realistic hiding place, even if I were capable of such devious feats.

Of course, I know plenty of twisted geniuses who are....

Ever since before I was a zygote, there's been this place in Koehler, just outside of Martinsville, known for its "Chicken in a Basket." Garfield's, it's called, and for lunch I finally went in the place for the first time. The fried chicken knocked me on my hindquarters it was so flippin' good. It will not be 52+ years before I go back there, I can tell you.

Once ensconced at Mum's, after some much-needed visiting, I set to work on finishing up my latest tale, "Asylum." I got that done this evening, and it's been sent to the editor. It's 4,800 pretty good words, except for some really awful ones. Hope the editor approves even of those.

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