Monday, October 22, 2012

Grandpa Blackbeard's Barbecued Church Chicken

Some of the rural NC roads off Highway 87, between Burlington and Fayetteville, get high marks in my book, for obvious reasons....

Went down that way for some serious caching with Rob "RTMLee" Lee today — essentially, a sunup-to-sundown excursion. Rob picked out some highly rated geocaches, and we set out to grab them. Among the most enjoyable were "The Ghost of Grandpa Alex" (GC2PFMQ) which was ghostly indeed; "Blackbeard's Lost Treasure" (GC1E17N), a nicely done, three-stage multi at the very haunted-looking Texas Lake; the "Compass Rose" series (GC1K03Y), which was a set of four caches placed at points in the four cardinal directions from a center point, at which you find the final cache; "Watchful One (GCYJVK), the setup of which could make certain sensitive persons paranoid; and "Air-Dropped Cache" (GC1P48H), which is an ammo can that was actually dropped from a Blackhawk helicopter — requiring one to calculate the impact point based on the speed and altitude of the helicopter from a specific release point. At the end of the day, I think we ended up with 25 finds, few of which were quick and simple grabs. We had a great time working to get them.

Lunch was a dynamite seafood burrito from Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant in Fayetteville. Biggest damn thing I've ever seen. Bigger than Bigfoot. And good.
Texas Lake, viewed while on the hunt for Blackbeard's Lost Treasure
Damned Rodan catches "Air-Dropped Cache," and RTM Lee unearths "The Compass Rose."

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