Thursday, October 25, 2012

Incredible Edibles

Intrepid frosting crew members brace themselves for the horrors which are about to be wrought.
For several millennia, the nice lady has observed a particularly tasty Halloween tradition: baking a big old batch of sugar cookies and then having a frosting party. Last night, it came to be that time. The right honorable Doug Cox and reigning frosting queen Jenny Chapman joined Kimberly and me at Chez Brugger to spread a mess of stuff on a crapload of cookies. Drinks, bloody Band-Aids, gaping flesh wounds, and all kinds of happy nastiness followed. Witness the following frights....
We had plenty of first-aid supplies in case of emergency. Looks like somebody
already bled on the Band-Aids.
This cookie has a mighty ugly laceration. I'm not eating that thing!

A smattering of the spooky wares

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