Sunday, October 12, 2014

I've Been A-Ramblin'

On Sunday evenings, Lovecraft eZine editor Mike Davis regularly hosts an hour-and-a-half talk show with various authors on the eZine website, and he very kindly had me back on the show this evening. The video is presented here for your edification and torture. It's kind of a panel discussion, with several participants on hand and Mike moderating; structured but informal, I'd call it. Now, watching myself on video is a little excruciating, especially when it's clear that I'm trying to think but nothing is happening, and the number of "you-knows" in a sentence exceeds the word count for a novella, so beyond the little snippet of the video I just looked at, I'm washing my hands of it. That said, after the first few minutes, things pick up a bit as the writer dude manages to relax. So, if you have an interest in Lovecraftian fiction, monster movies, horror stories, geocaching, World War II, Godzilla, and/or Dark Shadows — and you have a strong constitution — this round-table discussion might be just the right poison.

I'm also the featured author of the week on the eZine website, and since expressing myself in writing has generally been easier than spontaneously vocalizing stuff, the the written interview may be a little more coherent. 'Tis here: Stephen Mark Rainey, Author of the Week at Lovecraft eZine

Be brave.

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