Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Gaki & Other Hungry Spirits

For four days — until October 23 — you can get the Kindle edition of my short story collection, The Gaki & Other Hungry Spirits, at for 99¢. It features 17 of my original short stories, including several that have never appeared elsewhere. My story "Abroyel," for example. A hard-boiled detective tale that also offers you a tantalizing glimpse of something from "other" regions. Dark regions, you might say. You may get a shudder — and a decent chuckle — out of "The Spiders of Galley Cove," a story about a peculiar young man, a peculiar town, and a peculiar horror that comes down from the stars during a science experiment gone awry. Or journey back to the Middle Ages in "Iron Heart," for a taste of life in a village that eats its children.

The Gaki offers you a fair sampling of my work over a span of nearly thirty years, and it's every bit scary. I know this because coming up with these tales scared the pants off me. In fact, if you see my pants, I'd kind of appreciate their return. There's no reward, I fear, but you'll be doing the public a service, for which they'll thank you, since most people don't seem to want me walking around sans pants.

Original cover art is by M. Wayne Miller.

You can read the story, "The Gaki," for free at my website, right here: "The Gaki (html, pdf, or Kindle file)

Check out my collection The Gaki & Other Hungry Spirits by Stephen Mark Rainey — for your Kindle from, only 99¢ for a limited time. From Dark Regions. Note: If you prefer the trade paperback, you can also get it from, for $13.49. It's a beautiful book, all full up with excitement, terror, intrigue, even a little romance, all for about the price of a decent bottle of wine. Partake of both, and I guarantee you'll be one happy, happy reader.

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