Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Live — Almost — at Lovecraft eZine

Coming up this Sunday, October 12, at 6:00 PM EDT — I'll be live with Lovecraft eZine editor Mike Davis on the eZine's Live Web Series. This event is sure to be cacophonous, laugh-riotus, rip-roarius, and who knows what all, so please consider joining us. I did one of these shows last January, and it was great fun, with several irreverent attendees heckling the guest and the unflappable Mr. Davis in the center of it all to add a modicum of dignity. To jump in on the live edition, visit here to sign up. After it's all over and done, the horror will be preserved for posterity on YouTube.

Here, just to taunt the bravest and most daring among you, is my previous stint on the show:


Mike Davis said...

But just a modicum. No more.

kiy1955 said...

I'll be there! Might bring a whip to keep that old beast inline~ ~~