Thursday, April 21, 2022

Old Dude Featured at Richard Dansky's "Five for Writing"

Durham, NC, author Richard Dansky was recently kind enough to ply me with five questions for his celebrated "Five for Writing" interview blog. There's talk of Elizabeth Massie's Ameri-Scares series for young readers, Dark Shadows, Fugue Devil: Resurgence, geocaching... all that kind of good stuff. I quite enjoyed giving the interview, and I hope you'll give it a look!

Five for Writing — Stephen Mark Rainey

On top of that slice of niceness, I received my contributor copy of Jim Beard’s Running Home To the Shadows, a collection of memories of Dark Shadows from a host of pro writers, including the old dude, who grew up with the show, back in those dim, distant Dark Ages.

Running Home to the Shadows — edited by Jim Beard with Charles R. Rutledge; cover illustration by Mark Maddox with logo design and formatting by Maggie Ryel; foreword by Kathryn Leigh Scott

Essays by Greg Cox, Kathleen O’Shea David, Mark Dawidziak, Dave Dykema, Bob Freeman, Ed Gross, Nancy Holder, Tina Hunt, Katherine Kerestman, Mark Maddox (with Ed Catto), Elizabeth Massie, Kimberly Oswald, Martin Powell, Dana Pride, Stephen Mark Rainey, Michael Rogers, Charles R. Rutledge, Chris Ryan, Frank Schildiner, Duane Spurlock, and Jeff Thompson

Afterword by Rich Handley

Running Home to the Shadows at

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