Friday, April 15, 2022

Spring Springs on Good Friday

Early this past week, I finished up my latest Ameri-Scares novel, Georgia: The Haunting of Tate's Mill, and it’s currently getting the editorial once-over. Next step is plotting my not-for-little-people novel tentatively titled Ca' Dolore, which is set in Italy. There will be monsters, murders, and mayhem. And yes, of course, there will be updates as things happen along the way.

Ahhhh, but what an evening. As per the norm, earlier in the day, I ventured forth to Pleasant Hill — happily, picking up a geocache en route. Once here, I visited the local market to acquire vittles and other staples; feasted on some very lovely dead bird; and then set out on a moderate hike to perform maintenance on one of my caches, out on the Dick & Willie Trail (yes, yes, I know). Then I settled myself on the porch to further plot the novel. I made some progress, which pleased me. But the truest pleasure at the time was the serenity of being at the old homeplace, on a truly beautiful evening, with thrushes, mourning doves, and barred owls singing their way into the twilight; bumblebees buzzing around the azaleas; and a couple of bunnies scampering about in the yard. Scarcely a hint of human racket for the better part of two hours (apart from one useless jackass blasting hip-hop from here to the coast). To accentuate the mellow, I made a couple of lovely martinis and a platter of blackened scallops for dinner.

Following, I spent a pleasant hour or so on the Lovecraft eZine Patreon Podcast gathering, which usually happens on Thursday nights, but this week's was moved to tonight. I don't think it'll become a regular Friday thing, but tonight, it was certainly convenient.

This just in: the signed/numbered edition of Fugue Devil: Resurgence is now available for pre-order — here.

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