Saturday, June 5, 2010

Caching, ConCarolinas, and Critters

Ed Schubert (editor of Orson Scott Card's Intergalatic Medicine
), and Old Man Rodan looking festive.

It was a wicked hot, eight-hour trip down to Charlotte from Greensboro yesterday. Yes, I said an eight-hour trip; I was geocaching the whole way. Picked up 39, which I think is a one-day record for me (yes, I realize this is child's play for many of the harder-core). So far at the con, I've been on a few panels, all well-attended (and one a shade beyond lively), sold and signed a few books, and grabbed a few additional caches.

At one of the caches yesterday, I came uncomfortably close to getting a face full of bees. I was on the hunt, trudging through some woods, and since I was in fairly rugged terrain—and in a veritable garden of poison ivy—I was watching my step, not so much where I was going. I looked up just in time to find myself three feet from a massive and highly active beehive, with all kinds of honey dripping to the ground. For a second, I prayed mightily that this was not a hive of those legendary killer bees, because I was a fair haul away from my car; fortunately, these little folks paid me no mind and carried on about their business, so I went on and carried out mine.

This evening, I headed out to a nearby park, where a half-mile boardwalk takes you out over an expansive marsh. Although there were muggles aplenty gathered at the park itself, I was alone on my hunt for the cache at the boardwalk's end, and I got to see plenty of native wildlife, including numerous frogs, a couple of cute lil beavers munching on some wood, and a very large, exceedingly homely six-legged fiend, the likes of which I've never seen and hope to never see again.

Heading home tomorrow. I expect it'll be another eight-hour journey.

Authors Gail Z. Martin and James Maxey

Marietta Publishing's Bruce Gehweiler

Tera Fulbright in full regalia

Lil Godzilla jumps for joy over Blue Devil Island!

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