Thursday, June 3, 2010


I would weep if my heart were not so heavy with joy. Check it out here: HorrorWorld Reviews. Scroll just shy of halfway down the page to read the review.

You can also check out the book info at my Web site; click on the cover image for the whole prevue: The Realm of Stephen Mark Rainey.

Stay tuned for further news on The Nightmare Frontier, which may yet come out as an audio book from Macabre Ink/Crossroads Press. I like this idea, as I more and more hear things like, "Well, I'd 'read' your book if only it were an audio book!" Axe and ye shall receive, peoples.

Make no mistake, I've no doubt the e-book format is here to stay, particularly given the increasing accessibility of readers such as the Kindle and the iPad. I believe it's a good thing to be in on the early stages of its evolution. Still, it'll be a celebratory day in the dungeons of Poenari Castle before my preference for the good old paper-and-ink format gives up the ghost. It feels like one thing to have an honest-to-god physical book in circulation, and a whole nuther thing to have an electronic file residing on various transient storage media. Be it book signings, appearances at promo of any kind...the e-format to a great extent removes the product from the writer, the person. Having come up through the years, both as a reader and a writer, in the arena of traditional book publishing, I can't help but believe that something in the process...the missing. Whether the future can fill in that nebulous something remains to be seen....

Making the format ultimately lucrative...that's a whole different animal. And a growing challenge for writers and publishers alike.

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