Monday, June 21, 2010

A German and a Scholar

Spent the better part of the day yesterday in Selma, NC, at the home of multi-tentacled Bob "Crypt of Cthulhu" Price, who has been hosting Joe "The Pulverizer" Pulver (author of Nightmare's Disciple) for several days. Joe is soon to be leaving these shores for the alien spawning grounds of Berlin, Germany, where he will be residing in an abandoned shopping mall, penning new nightmares and chowing down on the local populace. Always a treat to see Joe — a rare one, alas, and soon to become rarer. Here's to many new, foreign horrors for the Pulverizer.

Naturally, I occupied myself on the trips coming and going by snagging bunches of geocaches — about thirty, give or take a handful. Would have bagged more, but the heat was so oppressive, if I didn't find it in about a minute or so, I didn't bother hunting further. Did quite a bit of caching both Friday and Saturday as well, including a big old nighttime hike with a couple of fellow cachers on the Owl's Roost Trail in NW Greensboro, and a slightly challenging tree-climb on Saturday. By the time I hit the hay last night, I was feeling danged near tonight, I'm taking care of the indoor chores, of which there are many.

Unfortunately, the lawnmower and I have a date looming on the near horizon, and aren't I just thrilled?

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kiy1955 said...

Always a great time hanging out w/ Mark. You want funny, engaging, and talented, well Mark's #1 in all departments. Berlin will be a delight, but I'll miss one of da bestEST bEasts there is! !!