Saturday, March 5, 2016

Caching and Wining in the Yadkin Valley

Nice lady and old grump (perhaps less grumpy than usual) at Medaloni Cellars
It's about time, I say. It's been an intense few weeks with all kinds of deadlines, pressing family responsibilities, taxes to tackle, busy days at the office, and very little time for rest or relaxation. Finally got a little bit of that in today, although I headed out early to grab a few new geocaches not far away. Happily, I got first-to-find on three of them. Then Ms. B. and I aimed ourselves westward to visit a couple wineries in the Yadkin Valley — Medaloni Cellars and Hanover Park, the former for the first time, the latter being one of our longtime favorites. Medaloni Cellars had a couple of standout dry reds, and, quite naturally, Hanover Park blew us away with their 1897 and Michael's Blend red blends.

There were only four caches on our planned route, but they were all nicely done, not your typical base-of-sign park and grabs. The NC Civil War Geotrail series has been a favorite of mine, and one the caches took us to the Battle Branch Cafe, out in a nicely hidden part of the county, near Huntsville, which was pillaged in 1865 during General George Stoneman's famous raid. We didn't stop to eat at the cafe, but the fare looks great and the reviews are good. Perhaps next time.

There's caching with the Old Farts slated for tomorrow, and then it's back down the mine for another week of it. Someone's gotta do it.
At Hanover Park, still not too grumpy
Ms. B. at the old cabin at the Battle Branch Cafe, near Huntsville

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