Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Love This Book

Got a royalty check today for my story ("Bloodlight") in Love in Vein II, a 1997 anthology edited by Poppy Z. Brite. Not a big check by any means, but a check nonetheless. Royalties have been coming in regularly for this book since its release, some of which have been rather sizable, making "Bloodlight" the short story for which I've earned the most money. In retrospect, it's only a fair tale; not one that's particularly representative of my work as a whole. But the antho is decent, and I'm damn glad to have had a piece of the action.

Here's to Poppy and vampiric erotica—a subgenre for which, at one time, I swore I would never write (mainly because I saw so much crap of that ilk submitted to Deathrealm back in the day). I'm so glad I changed my mind.

But...I swear...I will not write a zombie tale. Ever. Really.

Oh, crap. I just got an invitation to write a zombie tale.


David Niall Wilson said...

Got my royalty check too...not sure it's the winner yet on my stories, but it's damned close...and I love Poppy for remembering she'd wanted it for the first volume - it had to be cut at the end, not enough space, but when LIVII arrived, I was in, with a slightly longer, better-written version... Many years of royalties.

Stephen Mark Rainey said...

Same situation for mine, exactly -- again! Such a copycat... ;)

David Niall Wilson said...


Not a copycat...that would make the remake, and it's almost never better ... (:

Making progress on my collection with Dark Regions. Looks like my buddy Don is the artist ... which is cool. Much wordage - which is also cool.