Saturday, December 1, 2007

OTHER GODS from Dark Regions Press

Dark Regions Press will be producing a new collection of my short fiction, titled Other Gods, scheduled for release in late summer 2008. It will feature 16 of my tales, spanning twenty years, including the never-before-published "Antidotes." This will be released as a signed, limited-edition hardback as well as a trade paperback, featuring cover art by Wayne Miller and an introduction by Elizabeth Massie.

• Fugue Devil
• Rapture in Black
• Sky of Thunder, Island of Blood
• Other Gods
• Antidotes
• Circus Bizarre
• The Lake of Shadows
• The Jack-o'-Lantern Memoirs
• Silhouette
• The Violet Princess
• Elegy
• Epiphany: A Flying Tiger's Story
• Signals
• The Fire Dogs of Balustrade
• The Transformer of Worlds
• The Devil's Eye

Other Gods is not yet listed on Dark Regions' Web site, but updates will be posted soon. Regular updates will be posted at my Web site and blog(s).


David Niall Wilson said...

Hey, this is cool. I recognize only a couple of them, and will certainly be getting a copy.

Love Wayne Miller, as well.

Remember this Mark?

This was for my own story - SWARM.

On another note, just heard from Joe at Dark Regions that I'll have a collection following you - title to be determined.


Stephen Mark Rainey said...

Copying me again, are you? ;)

Yeah, I was just browsing Wayne's site the other day and looked at that particular piece again. I got with him this weekend and went to see THE MIST again. He showed me the prelim sketch for the cover art of OTHER GODS and it's creepy. Creepy is good.

David Niall Wilson said...

He probably doesn't even KNOW about mine yet (lol) But Joe has already decided that is who he wants for the art, so I'll get MORE of that cool art. Hell, maybe I'll include SWARM in the collection and get him to re-issue the picture too.


PS - the daughter thing has been drawing and writing again...studiously creating a "book" for Uncle Mark ... it has a very interesting "peep"-like Godzilla (:

Oh...and a Muhaha

Stephen Mark Rainey said...

Does that mean she got the pic I sent? ;)

David Niall Wilson said...

It does indeed. In fact, we seem to have launched her into a "life of letters," as she is finishing up your book, working on one for Beth (The lady who's scared of cheese) and another for Wayne (the funny bald man - balder than Daddy...)