Thursday, December 20, 2007

OTHER GODS Scheduled for Spring 2008 Release

Received the contract and check from Dark Regions Press today for Other Gods, and it's been added to Dark Regions' Web site, so I reckon it's about as official as official gets. It's scheduled for a Spring 2008 release. Sixteen tales to send you off in a fright by yours truly. Cover art by Wayne Miller, intro by Elizabeth Massie. Go for it.

The bug seems to be on its way out, so I think I'm all set to make merry for the holidays. Hope you are too.


David Niall Wilson said...

Making merry is good. And I got my contract the same DAY as you, but my book isn't up on their site yet. Mine is going to be illustrated by Don Paresi, instead of Wayne, and we have the cover art because we're using an available me room for a BUNCH of interiors...big book. Big BIG book..

Maybe we should get Joe to do an addendum on our contracts and give us copies of one another's books (:

Brian Hodge is doing my intro, so we have a whole Pseudocon thing going...


Stephen Mark Rainey said...

The pseudowriters strike again! :)