Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Think It's Gonna Be a Long, Long Time

Mercy, I haven't seen this one in a long time. I remember when it first aired, and I asked my roommate to please drive nails into my head with a baseball bat.
On a happier note: Of my story, "The Ghost Lens," which appears in Elder Signs Press's new Horrors Beyond II, anthology, writer Matt Carpenter had this to say:
"I have liked just about every short story of (Rainey's) that I've read. 'Ghost Lens' was another winner, describing a weird discovery that allows its user to see into the very fibers of a person's existence, making a mockery of modern medical imaging, and also allows the healing of all ills. But as you look through the lens, something looks at you, sizing you up...One thing I like about Rainey's stories is that the characters are so well drawn, coming to life on the page."
I'll take it.


David Niall Wilson said...

Hey man...sorry for long silence. Been "catching up". One day at work here, then back to home, then back here more seriously.

Sounds like you all had a good Xmas season...and apparently this fella liked both our stories okay in HBII...always good to hear.

Happy New Year...


Stephen Mark Rainey said...

We should be getting contributor copies soon. William was in the hospital, and it's put him behind getting stuff out. Think he's doing OK now.