Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mom's Famous Chili Recipe

Tadabailey about to announce the door prize winners...

...and the crowd gathers in anticipation.

A most enjoyable day of caching yesterday, mostly in the Randleman area, just south of Greensboro. Cacher Tadabailey hosted a nice chili dinner, featuring... yes... his mom's famous chili recipe. And whoa! Was it ever good! Did some caching on the way down and, afterward, got with some old friends (and made some new) for a cache run around the area, picking up a new, chili-themed series that had us all chuckling (we found lots of meats and vegetables growing in the woods, which are distinctly not their native habitat).

I don't know if I got in enough exercise to work off all that chili (and some fantastic homemade cookies), but last night, just for good measure, I made Thai basil and tofu, which turned out right tasty. And hot! Yes, very, very hot....

Caching partners Spring1......and RTMLee, LadyLeo191, and Suntigres.

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