Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Day on Planet Moronica

I would so dearly love to see something besides all the divisive bullshit being spread by either side on every issue. One isolated sound bite after another, repeated until it becomes gospel word for tiny minds on either side. All unions suck. Well, no they don't. All Republicans are heartless, woman-hating thugs. Well, no they're not. How about recollecting some of the lessons you should have learned in kindergarten about getting along with others and understanding that other highly intelligent individuals might not necessarily share your viewpoint. It might not be as stylish, but the results are usually better. Or is it more important just for your side to "win"? To me, that's just stupid, and while I'm not offended easily, stupidity does offend me. And I am so very weary of being offended.

Addendum: a letter to Governor Scott Walker from a Wisconsin teacher that argues points intelligently and constructively: To The Duly Elected Governor...


David Niall Wilson said...

Exactly. They treat it like a team sport, and they don't really care for a good outcome, they just want to rack up more "points".

Kurt Wimberger said...

Thanks Mark, that's a message we can't get enough of. I can't help but think that our constant media stream is partially responsible. I mean, even if there is nothing to say, they have 24 hours of airtime to fill so say SOMETHING, regardless of how dumb it may be.

Add to that a healthy dose of information overload and all most of us can tolerate and digest are soundbites, so every idea gets reduced down to that one bite. Ugh.