Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Loch Townsend Cacheosaurus!

Yes, there is—or was—at least one dreaded Cacheosaurus roaming the woods around the watershed trails just north of Greensboro. The remains pictured above, taken by geocachers "Three Newsomes," apparently reside near one of my caches (Threading the Needle, GC1EQD2), just off on the Reedy Fork Trail. The Newsomes were understandably taken aback, as are most people who find themselves face-to-face with a dreaded Cacheosaurus, whether it's dead or alive. At least they had the presence of mind to take a photo, and they were lucky enough for it not to be the last photo they ever took.

For of course, where there are dead dreaded Cacheosauruses, there are always live dreaded Cacheosauruses in close proximity, and this photo clearly shows that these are the remains of a baby dreaded Cacheosaurus. So be advised. If you're hiking out that way, be sure and take a llama with you, for llamas are the only things dreaded Cacheosauruses like to eat more than geocachers and other hapless hikers.

There. That's my public service message for today. Laters.

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