Sunday, February 20, 2011

Krakens, Kaches, and Karrburritos

The back roads of Orange County, not too far from Chapel Hill, NC, seem an odd place to find a big old kraken, but sure enough, there's one out there. Actually, The Kraken is a tavern at the junction of Highway 54 and Dobson's Cross Road, and there's a neat little geocache there. Discovered this, and several other quaint little spots, on one of my regular pilgrimages to Chapel Hill with Ms. B., yesterday. As an aside, you know it's love when you pull up to the cache site, your girlfriend sees the sign, and blurts, "Release the Kraken!" That had me kraken up.

Sorry. I probably lost a few followers right there, I know. I won't do it again.

A highly satisfying lunch at Carrburritos, a reputable little pseudo-Mexican bar & grill right at the dividing line between Carrboro and Chapel Hill, and then the necessary excursions to Trader Joe's and A Southern Season to get wine, extraordinarily hot hot sauce, and a few other assorted necessities. Finally, discovered that the Chapel Hill public library, just off Estes Drive, has a very nice, mile-long hiking/biking trail through the woods around the property—and a couple of caches, of course. One of them is a big old book exchange (placed by cachers aptly known as The Whomping Willows, for you Harry Potter fans out there). In it, I left an autographed copy of Other Gods, which I trust will end up scaring the bejezus out of some lucky...or perhaps unlucky...finder. Now, surely, that's motivation enough to get out there and do some hiking, right? C'mon, it'll be good for you....


Sadiebug said...

Awesome! That's my cache! I have seen horses tied up to that bar. When I walked in to ask permission, the bar was full of ZZTop lookalikes, and I almost heard the sound of a needle scraping across a record as everyone turned to stare at me. Ex-goth girl in purple tights waltzes into a redneck bar with a GPS in one hand and a micro container in the other- not business as usual!!! Enjoy your blog!!!

Stephen Mark Rainey said...

I can just envision the place as you describe it—which makes me wonder whether the whole "Kraken" theme is as appreciated as it ought to be. ;)

Loved the hide. Fairly brazen, actually, which I very much admire.