Monday, July 5, 2010

Cleared for Takeoff

Gearing up for flight: Douggum, Kelroy, Jared, and Rodan (Damned)

Ever been ziplining? First time for me today. You get into a harness; hooked to a cable running between trees, anywhere from ten to a hundred feet above the ground; and then you go flying through the tree canopy or over sprawling meadows, for distances up to 1,500 feet. You can reach exhilarating speeds; 1,500 feet takes about 20 seconds. Went with a group of eight today up to Carolina Ziplines, near Hanging Rock, NC, and even the most acrophobic didn't have any problem tolerating the altitude. At the establishment where we went, everyone from three-year-olds to blind senior citizens have enjoyed the activity, and one of our number was pregnant (still is, as far as I know). Mind you, there were some pretty big blood splats on a few of the nearby trees, but if you pay no attention to those, you'll probably do all right. I highly recommend it. (Click on the pics to enlarge.)

Aaaaand we're off. Brugger takes flight.

Kelroy comes up short, necessitating a rescue by our intrepid guide.

Chapman and Douggum making re-entry from the stratosphere

Brugger hangs on for dear life (yes, she's out there
hollering for all she's worth).

Happy landings, old boy.

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