Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chocolate-Covered What?

I kind of overbooked myself for the Fourth of July weekend, but I reckon that's all right as, otherwise, it's been an uncomplicated week, at the office and in my brain, which is sometimes the best you can hope for. Last night, headed up to Martinsville to visit Mum and my friends, the Albaneses, and had an excellent dinner at the Dutch Inn. This morning, it was up early and down to Durham for some caching and the Festival for the Eno (nothing to do with Brian; it's a benefit for the conservation of the Eno River). Yeah, there's all kinds of food, arts & crafts, food, music, food, hiking, and food. I sampled some very spicy jerk chicken, black beans & rice, fried plantains, chocolate-covered bacon, chai bubble tea, and ice cream, all of which was quite tasty. Well, chocolate-covered bacon may not the world's best idea ever, but at least I can say I tried it...once.

Happily for me, at West Point on the Eno, a portion of the extensive Durham City Park, there are several caches, and I was able to wander away from the festival to go after a couple, and I also grabbed several on the trips coming and going. As of this afternoon, I've logged a total of 2,600.

One of the highlights of the festival was listening to the music of Lizzy Ross, from Chapel Hill. Kind of country but kind of not—"not" being the operative word, since I'm anything but a fan of country music. She's a most talented young singer and guitarist, with a unique sound and an excellent stage presence. You can check out her Web site here: Lizzy Ross.

Go forth. Wherever.

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