Saturday, March 30, 2019

Tying the Geoknot

Friends Gerry (a.k.a. BigG7777) and Bridget (a.k.a. Suntigres), whom I originally met via geocaching — Bridget almost exactly a decade ago — have been a happy couple for a couple of happy years now. They quite recently tied the knot, at least in the eyes of the law. I discovered this when I read one of BigG's cache logs, which was along the lines of "I had kind of a busy day today. Went to the grocery store, found this cache, got married." Now, this justice-of-the-peace wedding may have been good and legal and everything, but Gerry and Bridget also wanted to have a something of a celebratory ceremony— albeit a small one — to set themselves walking on the path of fate. So they decided to get married at Gerry's castle in Kernersville, which is precisely what happened this afternoon. For reasons I'm not sure anyone can explain, they had the incredibly poor judgment to invite me to officiate their "fun" wedding. And because I am fully capable of making just as poor a decision as the next person, I agreed to do this thing.

The ceremony kicked off about 1 o'clock in the p.m., with just a handful of friends and family. As the ranking geocachevangelist, I delivered a short but sweet set of vows for them to live by, and things went fairly swimmingly. Brugger had transcribed a portion of the vows I wrote onto one of her beautiful pieces of artwork, friends Terry and Beth provided a nice frame, and we presented it the happy couple following the ceremony (see image below).

That portion of the vows reads: "I have known Bridget for almost exactly a decade now, and during these years, I have seen happy Bridget, sad Bridget, mad Bridget, energetic Bridget, exhausted Bridget, and 'I'm gonna break both your arms' Bridget. Until Gerry came into her life, I had never seen wonderfully, deeply, contentedly in-love Bridget. I see that now every time I see her. And having come to know and respect Gerry in these past couple of years, I see a warm, generous, and unselfish gentleman who deserves every bit of happiness that I pray will come their way."

I do hope these two will find the lasting happiness they both deserve, and in all seriousness, it couldn't have meant more to me that they asked me to officiate at their wedding. They have become a couple of my dearest friends in the world, and I consider it a true honor to be included in their celebration.

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