Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Pitch White Outside

A picturesque covering of snow on the ground today, though considerably shy of the eight to ten inches some were predicting. There's quite a variation in the amounts, even in the immediate area—some folks within ten miles of here got an additional two to four inches. It's a good day to get some writing done and watch a monster movie or two....

Speaking of which, I hope that "Daikaiju Month" here at the Blog Where Horror Dwells has been entertaining. I've made a page on my Web site that compiles all the reviews so they'll be handy for future reference (go to and select the Daikaiju Review button in the left-hand column). I had written a few others for About, such as Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster and Godzilla: Final Wars, which I evidently deleted at some time in the past; I may yet provide new ones sometime in the future.

I started watching my old VHS copy of The Day Mars Invaded Earth late last night. It's a favorite from the '50s; ostensibly science fiction, but atmospheric and creepy. I think I'll finish watching it and then write the liner notes for Dark Shadows: Blood Dance, which is due from Big Finish this spring.

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