Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Rocking New Year

Hanging Rockin', that is. New Year's Eve, I headed to Hanging Rock State Park, NC, with several friends and rang in the New Year at one of the park's cabins. Some snow and ice remained from last week's winter storm, and it was still COLD, especially when the wind picked up, but we managed to stay warm when we were indoors. Never content with being comfortable, we spent a couple of frigid nighttime hours around the fire pit outside and turned marshmallows into delicious masses of incinerated carbon, but the wind was so cold, even the raging fire offered little heat.

For New Year's Day, we picked up our collective asses and hiked up to the top of Hanging Rock and took in some spectacular views. Was able to claim a virtual cache and a couple of other caches in the vicinity, which brings my total number of finds to 2,160.

A pleasant enough weekend; hope it bodes well for a less stressful year than the past one.

Click on the pics to enlarge them.
A view from below
A view from the top
It's a long way down.
It's COLD up here!

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